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On Sun, 17 Oct 2010 13:38:42 +0200
Hungerburg <pch13 at myzel.net> wrote:

> Am 2010-10-17 00:04, schrieb Jannis Pohlmann:
> > Yes, copyright assignment is something that we will discuss in the
> > future. However, it's an independent issue as it is not required to
> > be included in the articles of association.
> I am not a lawyer (just an xfce user with a general interest in the 
> issues raised): I have the firm conviction, that copyright assignment
> is not possible in Germany and most other european jurisdictions, the
> way this can be done in the US. The "Urheberrecht" is unalienable.

I think copyright assignment is legally possible in Germany. The KDE
e.V. has a so-called Fiduciary Licensing Agreement which allows
developers to assign their copyrights to the KDE project:


> If you want to engage in that, as it creates foundation assets, more 
> liabilities against (non-) members, its something the statutes
> *should* advertise, both a goal and a means of reaching its goals.

The articles of association should only contain basic stuff. Every
change of this document requires paperwork and communication with
the government. We won't include the exact annual membership fee for
instance, in order to remain flexible and be able to change this to
anything we want without having to update our e.V. registration. (Side
note: there will be NO membership fee anyway, so no worries ;))

  - Jannis
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