Xfce Foundation status

Hungerburg pch13 at myzel.net
Thu Oct 14 17:13:15 CEST 2010

Hello, I am by chance on the list, and been lurking some time. May I 
share my thoughts, then read on. My merits? Recently I crafted similar 
statutes in Austria. Its very close to Germany.

0.3 s/Bilder/Bildern/
2.2.d s/unterstützende Bilder/unterstützender Bilder/

You might include some means of teleconferencing of the assembly, 
not-secret votes via signed e-mail eg. otherwise people from farther 
away may end up having no say.

Just out of curiosity: do you plan to employ people? CEO 
(Geschäftsführer), etc. May be useful/necessary, but makes everything 
much more complicated: will you rent an office?

Personally, I do not consider the word "foundation" a good choice. a 
foundation (Stiftung) is something very different from a Verein (club, 
society, association). But maybe thats just my bad command of the 
englisch language: what is the FSF charity actually (can someone explain 
in German)?

Generally, the articles are in line with the defaults of a non-profit. 
The Goals read reasonable.


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