General color scheme for websites

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Mon Nov 8 20:16:00 CET 2010


This evening I followed a discussion on IRC where it was question to
redo the goodies pages and take as basis the CSS from
(not exactly sure about this).

Upon that I picked up the two main colors which are blue (#0C6AD4) and
gray (#505050). Below are two links that give some variants to go with
these two base colors.

So of course I thought about the CSS of Currently it is
using the current style from but there is a long standing
thought about updating this latter too. As a start we can decide to
use a common color scheme (the above one), such that we can start to
update the style, just a little, with colors of choice.

At least it's a start. On another note, I like the links at the top of and it would be pretty cool if the other websites
reproduced the same header, not with "The little mouse told me..."
however ;-)

Just rubbing the stone :)

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