Remove randr 1.1 support in xfce4-display-settings?

Jérôme Guelfucci jeromeg at
Sun Jul 4 11:48:51 CEST 2010

Hey guys,

As you may know, Lionel as been doing an awesome job on 
xfce4-display-settings, bringing randr 1.2 goodness. The code already 
has a high number of ifdefs all over the place to handle the randr 1.1 

I'm currently working on a graphical view of the monitors' layout which 
will allow to view/modify the layout in an easy way. Handling randr 1.1 
would add even more ifdef mess.

I propose that we drop the randr 1.1 only support from our display 
stack. It brings very little benefits as (afaik) it is only useful for 
proprietary drivers which also offer their own graphical tool to handle 
displays AND it is a real maintenance burden and slows development 
(testing all scenarios is really annoying).

Is anyone opposed to this?

Thanks in advance,


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