a bit of a break

Daniel Morales daniel at daniel.com.uy
Mon Jan 25 15:53:27 CET 2010

Hi Biran/All

I'm interested in help with xfdesktop, if no one else is :]

I saw a roadmap on the Wiki [1]..  it says it was updated on
2009/09/18... but maybe it needs an update (?), since last night i saw
some work around Garcon on a new Git branch

And well, currently i only maintain a "Goodie", so i guess i have the
time to help on anything else 



[1] http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.8/roadmap/xfdesktop

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> From: Brian J. Tarricone <brian at tarricone.org>
> Date: 2010/1/25
> Subject: a bit of a break
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> Hi all,
> I've been somewhat resisting writing this email, but I suppose it's
> about time.
> As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I haven't been around much in
> the past few months.  Probably the main cause of this has been a new
> startup job that has taken up much of my time.  I never dreamed I'd be
> one of those people who works 12-14 hours per day and actually *likes*
> it but, well, I guess things change.  The time left over has been
> spent doing things unrelated to programming.
> I'm not really sure where this leaves my involvement with Xfce.  I
> don't intend to disappear, but I just don't have time for it right
> now.  The earliest I'd expect to have time to work on Xfce in any
> nontrivial capacity would be July or August.  And even then, I'm not
> sure what's going to be on my plate or where my priorities will be.
> This mail is more about setting expectations than anything else.  I'll
> still be around, and I'll still be skimming the lists (and
> occasionally responding to things), but I wouldn't expect any (new or
> bug-fix) code out of me at least until the summer or fall.  Same goes
> for patch review.
> As much as I would love to be selfish and try to "put a hold" on my
> Xfce-related stuff, that's not particularly fair.  I'd suggest you
> guys look for people to work on xfdesktop and xfce4-session, perhaps
> even to act as new maintainers.  Xfconf should hopefully not require
> too much work; regardless, I do have some long-term plans for it, so
> I'd appreciate at least a quick note if people intend to check in any
> nontrivial changes.  (Of course, by the time I get back to Xfconf,
> it's possible dconf/GSettings will have taken over the world ^_~.)
> I do have a few local branches for xfdesktop and xfce4-session that
> represent my thoughts on some future direction.  I'd be happy to push
> them to git.xfce.org if people think they might be useful as starting
> points for someone else to pick up.
> I ask that any other git repositories for which I'm listed as owner
> (that is, anything non-core) be left alone.  I'll get back to them
> eventually.
> Anyhow... it's been a fun 6-year ride, and while I hope to hop back on
> the train again at some point, I think I should acknowledge at this
> point that I'm not going to be particularly active, so you guys can
> better decide what 4.8 is going to look like.
> Best of luck,
> Brian
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