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Brian J. Tarricone brian at tarricone.org
Mon Jan 25 13:55:35 CET 2010

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Hi all,

I've been somewhat resisting writing this email, but I suppose it's
about time.

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I haven't been around much in
the past few months.  Probably the main cause of this has been a new
startup job that has taken up much of my time.  I never dreamed I'd be
one of those people who works 12-14 hours per day and actually *likes*
it but, well, I guess things change.  The time left over has been spent
doing things unrelated to programming.

I'm not really sure where this leaves my involvement with Xfce.  I don't
intend to disappear, but I just don't have time for it right now.  The
earliest I'd expect to have time to work on Xfce in any nontrivial
capacity would be July or August.  And even then, I'm not sure what's
going to be on my plate or where my priorities will be.

This mail is more about setting expectations than anything else.  I'll
still be around, and I'll still be skimming the lists (and occasionally
responding to things), but I wouldn't expect any (new or bug-fix) code
out of me at least until the summer or fall.  Same goes for patch review.

As much as I would love to be selfish and try to "put a hold" on my
Xfce-related stuff, that's not particularly fair.  I'd suggest you guys
look for people to work on xfdesktop and xfce4-session, perhaps even to
act as new maintainers.  Xfconf should hopefully not require too much
work; regardless, I do have some long-term plans for it, so I'd
appreciate at least a quick note if people intend to check in any
nontrivial changes.  (Of course, by the time I get back to Xfconf, it's
possible dconf/GSettings will have taken over the world ^_~.)

I do have a few local branches for xfdesktop and xfce4-session that
represent my thoughts on some future direction.  I'd be happy to push
them to git.xfce.org if people think they might be useful as starting
points for someone else to pick up.

I ask that any other git repositories for which I'm listed as owner
(that is, anything non-core) be left alone.  I'll get back to them

Anyhow... it's been a fun 6-year ride, and while I hope to hop back on
the train again at some point, I think I should acknowledge at this
point that I'm not going to be particularly active, so you guys can
better decide what 4.8 is going to look like.

Best of luck,

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