Mousepad development

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Feb 4 17:56:57 CET 2010

Let me sketch the development of the nick_0_3 branch:

It has nothing to do with leafpad anymore, everything has been split
up in GObjects because that makes it a lot easier to maintain.
Furthermore it WONT have syntax highlighting for 1 simple reason: Gtk
and DBus are the only dependencies (not even xfce libraries atm).
There are tons of editors out there with highlighting/spellcheck, so
mousepad is that simple editor for quickly opening and editing files
with useful tools to manipulate text and quickly switch to different
tab indents, stuff like that: things you need to quickly edit
different kinds of text files on your system.

That's all. No IDE and not an editor for simple rtf files. Text only,
but fast... Xfce style.

I've tried a plugin framework, but since it will (for performance)
only use C plugins, it doubt it will be a mayor enchantment because
nobody writes C these days: it must be ruby or python 3 and I hate
those languages ;-).

It is also almost ready for master (pretty sure it has less bugs), but
it lacks decent encoding support (which is now also in the last glib
devel release with a stream interface) and it should use gio for file

You can clone it from git:
git clone git://
switch to nick_0_3 branch.

I've dropped a release package here:


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