Mousepad development

David Burns davidjonburns at
Thu Feb 4 16:58:00 CET 2010

This is the biggest problem in the future of mousepad. What should mousepad
be? It is a fork of Leafpad but it's not _that_ different.

On 4 Feb 2010 15:10, "Alexander Matveyev" <a.s.matveyev at> wrote:

I also don't think that Mousepad is the best tool for coding or
writing novels :) But what it's purpose is? Editing of small config
files? I use (g)vim for that. In fact, I use (g)vim for everything :)
Situation with Mousepad in XFCE reminds me Notepad in Windows, user
just has it by default but never uses. Perhaps Mousepad needs
something like "plugins" system? Tiny and lightweight core with lots
of optional plugins. I think, we should at least consider it.
But bugfixes are much more important, of course :)

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