Need help to debug xfwm4 + xtightvncviewer fullscreen

Alex Wolfson alex.wolfson at
Thu Aug 26 22:25:57 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I am trying to debug an issue of xtightvncviewer is not coming back from
fullscreen mode.

By changing

Vncviewer.grabKeyboard: True
  <Key>F8: ShowPopup()\n\
  <Key>F11: ToggleFullScreen()\n\
  <ButtonPress>: SendRFBEvent()\n\
  <ButtonRelease>: SendRFBEvent()\n\
  <Motion>: SendRFBEvent()\n\
  <KeyPress>: SendRFBEvent()\n\
  <KeyRelease>: SendRFBEvent()

I managed to switch it from and to fullscreen mode by pressing F11. It
works except in the case when vncviewer was in maximized mode before
pressing F11. In that case it never comes back.
The same thing is with F8, which suppose to bring a menu. (When menu is
there for some reason pressing any key gets you out of the menu, but
pressing the mouse button works)

When vncviewer is in fullscreen and not reacting, keypress events are
passed to the parent terminal. The terminal becomes full screen, or you
can see F8 garbage on it.

I think this is related to xfwm4 window manager, but I am not familiar
with its code.
I tried to find, by looking at the code and with gdb, how F11 is
processed in xfwm4, but was not able to find a place.

An issue of xfce + xfwm + tightvncviewer comes up once in a while on the
net, so it would be nice to solve it. Mostly people were just giving up
xtightvncviewer or xfce.

Help would be greatly appreciated.



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