Robert Ancell robert.ancell at
Mon Aug 16 09:18:18 CEST 2010


You may or may not be aware of my project to create a new display
manager, LightDM [1].  The project is in an alpha state where I can
run LightDM as my display manager, but it needs more work.

If you are interested, I am actively interested in supporting the XFCE
project in getting LightDM working well.  I will also be proposing
LightDM for use in Ubuntu in Maverick+1 and GNOME in 3.0.

What I need from you:
- Feedback!
- Tell me what features XFCE needs.
- How to fit in with the XFCE release schedule.
- Keep bugging me until all the roadblocks are gone.  You can send me
an email every day if you like with the list of bugs that are stopping
it from working in XFCE. :)


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