Xfce task manager prototype

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 15:05:21 CEST 2010

Hi gentlemen,


That's my so called window prototype, if you have suggestions to make they
are welcome.

Regarding the current git tree, I'll create a 0.4 branch from master (I will
include gaston's patch for OpenBSD and make a release of it) and commit on
top of master the changes to introduce a 0.5 version. What I intend to do on
this version is the following:

   - link to libwnck and check if the PIDs have a running window to get the
   “desktop” applications out of the crowd; with this lib it will be possible
   to reuse the application icon/name and to introduce new actions like “Bring
   to front”, “Minimize/Maximize”, etc;
   - a new user action “Execute” to run new tasks; everything from the old
   “Preferences” dialogue will appear in the “Information” tool item;
   - customized monitors with Cairo (guess I'll have a look at the cpugraph
   monitors before heading on code from scratch;)
   - the status bar will show the number of processes and the current CPU
   and memory usages;

Something else has made noise more than once, the possibility to share code
between the panel plugins. Currently we have a system monitor, a netload
plugin, and a cpugraph (if I'm not mistaken.) Do you have a call on this?

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