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First, please avoid HTML when possible (or use HTML+text at least), when
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2010/4/22 Pasi Lallinaho <open at>

>  Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> On 04/21/2010 08:49 AM, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>  Hello all Xfce developers and enthusiastics!
> I'm sending this mail referring to the bug I just filed [1] and the
> conversation with Jerome some days ago at #xfce-dev. The bug description
> pretty much describes what I'd like and why. I also heard/remember this
> has been discussed earlier.
> What do you think of dropping the option?
>  Bad idea.  That defeats one of the rather important purposes of the
> session manager: saving the session.  I'm assuming you mean we should
> disable the session-saving features entirely?  (Otherwise that doesn't
> fix this "problem" you're trying to solve.)
>  No, I'm proposing we should drop the option from the logout menu, not
> completely from Xfce (eg. it could be available in the Session settings
> dialog).
> The problem is with the panel.  Fix the panel.  The session manager will
> even restart the panel if it crashes!
>  I've also proposed a way to debug the panel, and if we can get to the
> source of those panel crashes, that would be great. Then there would not be
> that much reason to remove (read/think: hide) the option from logout menu.
To be all fair, I never use this option (the checkbox in the logout dialog).
Either it's on or off, and everytime I log in Xfce for the very first time,
I always uncheck it (it is checked by default). I believe it wouldn't harm
but look decent to keep it in the session settings dialog only :-p Nick
already proposed to make it optional through a hidden setting, I guess that
will work for most people.

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