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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Sat May 23 19:03:04 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Just wanted to put in a short note that I've been able to make an initial
effort to draft up some documentation for Xfce using reStructuredText and
Sphinx. I've attached a sample of my work to this message, so please let me
know if it doesn't come through on the mailing list.

The sample includes some introductory text and images from the Thunar
documentation currently on the web. There are actually two .rst files
included, as I wanted to test out cross-document linking.  I didn't do a
complete run-through of the Thunar docs, but the built-out html files are
located in the _build/html folder; please start with the index.html file.

It also looks like we can include something similar to docbook's "entities"
to assist with various items that get repeated throughout the documentation.
For example, this might include program names, gui-button paths (i.e., File
> Save As . . . ), and other relevant variables.  I didn't include such a
feature in this set of docs.

In addition to all of this, I'm going to an open-source doc conference in a
few weeks, and one of the presenters is going to talk about pydocweb ( ), so that may even assist us as a web-based
editor for all of this?  I'll have more info later, but pydocweb does
integrate with Sphinx.

The main thing for me right now would concern the translations. The syntax
seems workable, the output looks fine (and can be themed to suit Xfce) . . .
if people are ok with just allowing straight translations from the source
files, then I wouldn't see anything that would hold it back.

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