[Goodies-dev] git repository layout

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at uvena.de
Sun May 17 01:16:18 CEST 2009

On Sat, 16 May 2009 15:41:14 -0700, Brian wrote:


>* gtk-xfce-engine-2 (I think Olivier talked about ditching this
>package since most people use the Clearlooks engine now?  I dunno, I
>think people still use it...)

I do use it and I like it, except for #4946.

>* terminal (Some people hate terminal because of its issues with ARGB 
>windows; I use it and don't care.  Either way, maybe it's not a core 
>component.  It's not really actively maintained either.)

I use this one too. I recently had a look at alternative terminal
apps based on libvte, there are actually some, but I missed Terminal's
session management in the alternatives, that is when I shut down my
Xfce session, and start it again, Terminal opens all previously opened
terminal windows on the right workspaces and remembers even the last
used directory. That rocks and I couldn't get any other terminal app to
do it like that.
I don't care about the ARGB problems, or better, I never got hit by it.


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