xfconf optimisation

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Fri May 15 20:41:06 CEST 2009

2009/5/15 Brian J. Tarricone <brian at tarricone.org>:
> So... please test, especially on both really slow and really fast hardware.

Can't compile it:
sed -i -e 's/^\([[:space:]]\+GValue[[:space:]]\+[^=]\)\+;\1 = { 0,
};/' xfconf-dbus-bindings.h
sed: -e expression #1, char 59: unterminated `s' command
make[2]: *** [xfconf-dbus-bindings.h] Error 1

>  If anything looks weird, I'll revert.  If it looks ok, I'll commit it to
> the 4.6 branch (it's only on trunk now).

I don't think it's a smart idea to backport this because of the
possible unintended consequences. "Bugs fixes only", like wise man
once told me ;-).


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