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> Hi all,
> [If you're too lazy to read this email in its entirety, please scroll
> to the bottom and read the list of actions.]
> I know I've been quiet for a bit, but I'm actually working on this.
> Going pretty well so far.  Awesomely, our disk space requirements
> have dropped from about 2GB (with svn) to around 375MB (with git).
> That's pretty nuts.
> See here for my (as yet undocumented) "conversion toolset":
> Currently failing to convert are:
> (nonstandard svn repo layout)
> Currently failing to verify are:
> terminal (docs XML file differences)
> xfce4-bglist-editor (PNGs differing)
> xfce4-notes-plugin (PNGs differing)
> xfce4-taskmanager (compiled binary differing [why is this in svn?])
> xfce4-weather-plugin (PNGs differing)
> xfce4-xkb-plugin (PNGs differing)
> xfce4-xmms-plugin (PNGs and XCFs differing)
> xffm-icons (missing branch)
> I suspect the binary file difference problems are because the
> mime-types aren't set properly for those files in our svn repo.  That
> shouldn't be too hard to fix (though I'm not happy about having to
> commit prop changes to tags).
> [2] Not sure what's going on with Terminal or xffm-icons (though I
> don't care quite so much about the latter).
> Anyhow, a TEMPORARY READ-ONLY WILL-BE-DELETED test thingo is here:
> If you use this for anything useful, well... you're a moron ^_~.
> You should be able to clone from that URL.  No git:// clone support
> yet, and no cgit.  Read-only for now.
> Please give it a look and make sure your repos look ok.  The 
> verification script is very thorough (it actually diffs all files on 
> each branch and each tag, and verifies that all the branches/tags
> that should exist do actually exist), but it's certainly possible
> something could have gotten messed up.
> One possibly controversial choice I've made is to munge branch and
> tag names a bit.  For example, the 'xfce_4_4' branch is now called 
> 'xfce-4.4'.  Any branches/tags of the form ${MODULE_NAME}_X_Y_Z were 
> also converted similarly.  I also converted things like 'V_1_0' to 
> 'V-1.0' and 'V1_0' to 'V1.0'.  For the Xfce core modules, this is
> pretty much set.  For personal modules, PLEASE SPEAK UP (via private
> email) if you want your branches/tags left alone.
> Please note that the actual final conversion is probably a couple
> weeks off, at best.  Even though the conversion process should be
> 'perfected' soon, there are still several other things that need to
> be done[1] before we go live with git.
> ----> ACTIONS:
> 1.  Try checking out your module (from 
> and see if everything
> seems ok.

I checked out exo and Thunar. Branches and tags and everything else
looks fine. Well done!

> [1] See

I'll work on the commit mail script on my laptop. I suggest we create
an xfce-repo-admins group and a special directory for our hook scripts
on mocha. When creating the repositories we could create links to the
hook scripts for every repository.

About the commit mails: 

  - Do we still want seperate goodies-commits/xfce4-commits mails?
    goodies-commits has about 3-5 mails average per day, so it's not
    really high traffic.
    Should we go for separate goodies/xfce commit mails, we'd have to
    keep a list of which repositories are goodies and which are not.

  - I suggest a subject format like this:

      Commits to the master branch:
        [xfce4-commits] <exo> first line of the commit message

      Commits to a different branch:

        [xfce4-commits] <exo|master> first line of the commit message


        [xfce4-commits] <exo:master> first line of the commit message

  - I suggest we all switch from ChangeLogs to the git way of doing it,
    as explained on

Thoughts, opinions?

  - Jannis
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