vertical xfce-panel in 4.6

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Mon May 4 15:46:00 CEST 2009

hi everyone,
i've been using xfce since 4.4's early days and recently upgraded to 4.6. i noticed that
when i try to use my beloved vertical panel neither iconbox nor tasklist look like what
they used to. with both one window takes up 100% of the iconboxes/tasklists space,
whereas before this vertical space was limited (comparable to the behaviour in horizontal

a second issue with the vertical panel that i wanmted to bring up is with the system
tray. some icons get rescaled, some don't. i don't know whether this is a problem of
inconsistencies in the applications themselves or whether it's a problem of the panel's

also orage has a lot of space on the left and right around the $time, so that you have to
make the panel a lot wider if you want to use it (and see not only $hours, but also

now you might say: who on earth uses vertical panels? i personally think vertical panels
are extremely useful, especially now that practically every new laptop/monitor/netbook you
buy comes with widescreen aspect ratio.
anyways, it would be great if those issues (at least i conceive them as problems) would
be fixed in a future version or at least if the vertical panel would be looked at in
terms of *what-do-we-want-it-to-look-like*. (maybe you've done that already, i've only
been on this ML for some time, so please accept my apologies if it's the case.)

ok, i hope all of this makes sense somehow.
one last note: i haven't tried the git-version of the panel yet, if all of this is fixed
there then again, accept my apologies for the waste of time.

all the best,

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