slower startup with 4.6?

Miek Gieben miek at
Wed Mar 18 18:11:49 CET 2009

[ Quoting Auke Kok in "Re: slower startup with 4.6?"... ]
> well, if you're serious about debugging the Xfce components, you can.  
> And it's not that hard:
> - boot your system in init 3
> - log in on the console
> - run:
> 	bootchartd start
> 	startxfce4
> - and then once xfce is done stop the bootchart logging and graph the
>   data

Ubuntu doesn't ship the default bootchartd stuff, it's all
incorperated in the initramfs image... But it shouldn't be 
too hard to get the xfce bootcharted.

> Having those for both xfce 4.4. and xfce 4.6 would very well be valuable...


In the mean time I'm going to follow up on your 5 second boot for the
Eeepc :-)

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