Xfce Buildbot Server - Call for Donations

samuel samuel.verstraete at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 11:39:43 CET 2009

It seems like we have about 130 euro to spend on memory.
rworkman proposed to buy these at newegg.com:
31 dollar is about 24 euros but times 4 and including taxes and
shipment to europe we'll get pretty close to the 130...
So we are looking for 4 dimms of 2GB each. That should bring us at 8GB
which is pretty comfortable for what we plan to do with the machine.

If anyone else wants to check in his local shop if he can get this cheaper:

1. Kingston KVR667D2D8P5/2G

2. Another candidate you could be looking for is: HYNIX
HYMP525P72BP4-Y5 2GB (This is actually the memory that is inside now).
I'd prefer these if we can find them for a similar price of the
Kingstons. The only place i found them untill now is @HP and they
charge ridiculous amounts of money for them.
This memory is actually Dell, Cisco and HP certified. hence the
ridiculous prices of it ;)

3. Transcend TS256MQR72V6U (availalbe @ newegg for 33$)

All of these should work (hopefully :) )

Do your research and report as quickly as possible ;)


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