Idle user input code

Don Christensen djc at
Wed Mar 11 21:18:36 CET 2009

Ali Abdallah wrote:
> Hi All,
> Regarding the enhancement of xfpm, there is a nice feature reported by 
> many, and also i would like to have it, the feature of reducing the 
> screen luminosity when the computer in inactive (Configurable for sure), 
> for that i have to catch any user input and reset a timer for example, i 
> didn't yet write anything here, since i don't have a very good 
> experience with X stuff, i want to have this code as clean as possible, 
> so i'm asking here because you do have good experience.
> So if you have an already cooked code in this, i will be greatly 
> appreciated your help.
> Best Regards,
> Ali.

In the settings menu on my laptop, there's a Power Management entry
that runs (I think) the Gnome Power Manager, which has a setting to
turn on or off the display dimming functionality.  That could certainly
serve as an example of how to do this, I would think.  It would be cool
to have an adaptive version as you describe, though.


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