Any interest in Terminal enhancments?

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Jun 11 09:11:36 CEST 2009

2009/6/3 Elliott Rabe <codecontributor at>:
> Hey-
> I've been using XFCE on my primary machine for over a year now, and love
> it.  I can't see myself ever going back to a bloated window manager when I
> have everything I need & want in a lite FAST solution like XFCE.  I've been
> toying with the Terminal code on a sideline build with the intent of adding
> some functionality that will enable me to use it where I work as well.  I'm
> just trying to feel out out whether there is any interest out there in the
> additions I'm planning on making for my own sideline build.  If so, I'd be
> happy to contribute them back to the XFCE/Terminal project.
> My primary desire was to get enough functionality out of Terminal app to
> allow me to connect to a proprietary cmd line implementation that doesn't
> respect standard unix console line output & display formatting.  This
> command line is essentially a tab delimited table that is only readable if
> all the rows in the table appear aligned on column boundaries. Output width
> can sometimes extend up to 512 columns (even beyond), so practically
> requires the use of horizontal scrolling.  We use a the third party app
> SecureCRT to connect to this product, which I'd like to avoid (as I'm a fan
> of using open source software whenever possible).  I am still working trying
> to get the cleanest implementation of this scrolling without modifying
> default behavior/functionality of the Terminal app.  I expect to have
> several options to configure the horizontal scrolling, including configuring
> a fixed column size, automatic enabling of the scrolling, possibly
> keystroke/output scroll adjustment as well as completely disabling it
> altogether (which seems the sensible default).

That could indeed be an interesting feature.

> I'm very open to potential implementation ideas, as well as general feedback
> if these alterations would be useful for any others out there besides
> myself...

The besting you can do it creating separate feature requests in
bugzilla ( From there the implementation and patches
can be discussed.


PS. sorry for the late reply.

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