Style guide like dokument

Bo Lorentsen bl at
Mon Jun 8 22:35:58 CEST 2009

Mike Massonnet wrote:
> Cool, thank you for this involvement. As a quick "I got 2 minutes to
> spend 2 cents", when I'm building an app I try to look at existing
> apps, for instance thunar and the xfce4-settings dialogs are a good
> reference. The most important thing is to get the margins right.
> Afaict the default is to have a border/margin of 6 here and there.
> Configuration dialogs have a heading (already said) and they use a
> normal GtkFrame with a bold title and a left margin to group settings.
> Roughly said, but that's it about it.
Thanks, most of the work was Jannis doing, but you are right about the 
examples but it is nice to have some writing about it too, and a place 
where we may insert random ideas in this regard.


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