serious problem with your way of dealing with my personal right on informational self-determination

Dennis Heuer dh at
Sun Jun 7 16:26:34 CEST 2009

On Sun, 7 Jun 2009 00:20:56 +0200
Christian Dywan <christian at> wrote:

> > If you're afraid of where your information is going after you leave
> > the Xfce project, then do not post bugreports or mailing list
> > messages at all.
> I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a weird sense of humor. Just in
> case somone takes this too seriously:
> You don't literally lose your rights of course. That's why there are
> licenses and laws. But these subjects are not trivial, so you can't go
> and demand easily "according to law" either. This is neither nice nor
> useful without a good context of where you live - there is no "online"
> law.

ah, actually someone who can argue. however, i must disagree in two

first, in cases of licenses and contracts the general rule (and advice
of your own lawyer, if you ask him) is to be short, clear and strict.
you should only state your position and not provoke a discussion at all.
in germany, you even *have to* explicitly provide a disclaimer to your
contract partner because otherwise he is allowed, by law, to use your
personal data for commercial purposes. because people like here on the
mailinglist rather like to discuss and to put their egos upfront, it is
better to make very clear the issue and that there is no choice
provided. otherwise the discussion will loose ground or one is ignored
right away. so is reality (and specifically the free source
*community*.) and, because personal self-determination is purely about
rights (judicial guarantees), my case is to be discussed by that -
especially because the xfce project already broke this rights and
ignores this problem intentionally (and like in a kindergarden). i have
to make clear that i'm not begging for mercy or understanding but
am demanding my rights back.

second, there is "online law" in form of international or
internationally comparable law. my issue falls under both. there is
agreement on it via the UNO negociations and via the western laws.

just to mention it...
dennis heuer

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