serious problem with your way of dealing with my personal right on informational self-determination

Dennis Heuer dh at
Sun Jun 7 16:26:20 CEST 2009

am not shure if the below post was directed to me. first, it comes too
late for the existing accounts. second, it is complete nonsense. such a
type of contract needs the *explicit* agreement of the user in all major
western countries (if it isn't fully invalid, like in germany) and
cannot be declared (afterwards, huh, what???) this way here on the
developers' mailinglist. what a silly idea of justice rides you???? am
i talking to thinking humans? also, the account is *not* part of the
posts to the bug tracker. it is a neccessary registration for being
able to post to the bug tracker. 'closing' it (not deleting it, you
seem to not understand the difference.) is a fully own topic and not
even striven by what you stated.

consequently i don't see that you've written anything to my case. i
give the xfce project only this weekend to close my bug tracker account.

dennis heuer


after reading this weird post of an obviously undereducated mind i am
forced to state hereby that i never agreed to anything stated in the
below post and forbid you to treat my personal data the ways stated in
it. i was not informed about any such part of a contract neither as
i was invited to fill out the form to create the account nor any time
earlier or later in the process.

wake up, guys! what is going wrong with you? are you barbarians? just
CLOSE, as in c.l.o.s.e, my bugzilla account at xfce. what is so hard on

On Sat, 06 Jun 2009 13:22:19 -0700
Auke Kok <auke at> wrote:

> Dennis Heuer wrote:
> > hello
> Everyone please BE INFORMED that when you contribute to open source 
> projects such as Xfce, you WAIVE ALL RIGHTS to anything that you post, 
> send or otherwise give to the community. (Unless you specifically post 
> with a copyright attached to your postings, in which case we will not be 
> able to use that information).
> That means that you do not even own your own bugzilla account. That 
> account and all related posts are part of the Xfce project.
> If you're afraid of where your information is going after you leave the 
> Xfce project, then do not post bugreports or mailing list messages at all.
> (We try to be nice and honor requests where we can, but there is a 
> bottom line.)
> Thanks for your consideration!
> Cheers
> Auke
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