serious problem with your way of dealing with my personal right on informational self-determination

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sat Jun 6 02:55:46 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Dennis Heuer wrote:
 > hello
 > sorry that i have to write this here but here is the best place to
 > catch somebody who can solve the problem.

[random crap elided]

Yes, he did indeed write to me, with the following:

> it is my personal right to decide what services i want to share and
> where private information to my person is held accessible on the web.
> close my bugzilla-account, which means that it is neither usable nor
> accessible via a public interface anymore. i hereby clarify that i never
> gave you the right to provide my personal data to any third party.
> i also inform you that my email address expires, and i will not provide
> you a valid adress.

I replied saying I didn't understand what he was talking about and that 
I hadn't given his personal information out to anyone.

Then I got this gem of a response:

> you got that wrong. the text is a general disclaimer. since you
> maintain the bugzilla installation, its law-breaking logic is of course
> your problem. if this becomes my problem, you get a real problem. to be
> clear: bugzilla refuses to provide obvious locking options to the
> account owner. this is against most national laws. if you have the
> option to lock my account, i hereby demand you to do that immedeatly. i
> do not any longer take responsibility for anything that is happening
> anyway via this account!!!

Since I don't appreciate people "demanding" things of me and quoting 
"national laws" that probably don't exist, I basically told him to fix 
his shitty attitude and go away (after another similarly-annoying 
clueless re-reply).  I can paste more, but there's really no need.

Sigh.  If someone else has infinite patience and a desire to waste their 
own time, feel free to "help" this guy off-list.


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