serious problem with your way of dealing with my personal right on informational self-determination

Dennis Heuer dh at
Sat Jun 6 02:25:38 CEST 2009


sorry that i have to write this here but here is the best place to
catch somebody who can solve the problem.

i was an xfce user until you changed strategy with xfce 4.6 and rather
created an intertwined beast following the ideals of GNOME - which i
once left for xfce (what an irony!) as said, i am not an xfce user or
supporter anymore. however, still my bugzilla account is open for
hacking without any choice to lock it myself (i wrote 'lock' and not
'delete', as 'Brian J. Tarricone' still is not willing to recognize.)

i wrote a message, including a general disclaimer, to Brian J.
Tarricone - because he is outlined to be the bugtracker maintainer - who
did not act properly but played the 5-years old child whining about
having to read dry statements instead of funny tales. he called me an
'asshole' and ironically went on to criticize my 'shitty' manners. i
have to state here that i did not use any such term in my mails.

however, i'm not willing to carry the serious problem the bugzilla
developers have introduced selfishly by not allowing users to *lock*
their accounts. this decision is not only of no actual technical reason
but also raping the user's personal right on informational
self-determination. it also breaks national and international laws. i
don't take this only because a 5-years old maintainer thinks he is
untouchable where he sits. 

i hope that somebody who can act here on this list is adult enough to
understand that i do not have to take this situation. otherwise i will
first show you that i mean this demand seriously and misuse the account
to explode your database. in case of further hinderance, i will take
further steps.

to make this clear: it is not about what you think about my style of
writing but about my rights that you break. it is also about my nerves
and my stomack suffering under the childish minds and beliefs under
those who call themselves 'free' (as in wiking or cowboy) source

best regards,
dennis heuer

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