Libxfce4ui api review, round 2

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Thu Jul 9 19:54:02 CEST 2009

How about some widgets that are inside libexo? Or from Thunar like the 
GtkCellRenderers, there is at least a text renderer used within the settings 
manager but the icon one is also interesting which does a spotlight. That's 
all I can see from both projects.


Le jeudi 09 juillet 2009 15:40:46, Nick Schermer a écrit :
> I'll import a private library containing the egg smclient, tonight.
> So... is there anything else you'd like to see in the 4ui library? Api
> changes? Anything else? I know it is still rather small and
> straightforward, but we should be really happy with it.
> Nick
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