The Goodies projects

Brian J. Tarricone brian at
Sun Jul 5 21:49:37 CEST 2009

On 07/05/2009 06:00 AM, Mike Massonnet wrote:

> On another note, I hope we can discuss the fact that Goodies do not belong to
> the maintainers.

Very much disagree.  They do indeed belong completely to the maintainers.

+1 for what Diego said.  If you want to take over maintainership of a 
project or otherwise declare it orphaned or abandonware, you need to 
contact the maintainer individually and give him/her a good chance to 
respond (I'd say 3-4 weeks, with maybe a reminder email midway through).

If you don't get a response, then you create a branch for current trunk 
named with the former maintainer's name and do what you want with trunk.

I certainly agree that we probably have a bunch of orphaned projects, 
and it's a shame that some of them are pretty good quality projects 
except for a few nagging bugs here and there that it would be nice to 
fix, and it would be nice to do new releases.  But suggesting that the 
goodies somehow don't "belong" to their original authors is just 
ridiculous and insulting to the original authors.


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