Problems installing Xfce to a custom location

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Mon Jan 26 22:05:14 CET 2009

Hey guys,

I just played with the installer again and installed
Xfce to /home/local/. Now even though we added environment variables
for glade to xinitrc, nothing really works. I know it's a setup that we
should not really encourage but still, maybe we can get it to work.

There are three problems (still counting):

  1. On some (maybe on a lot of) systems, startxfce4 does not run our
     xinitrc script. As a result, the glade variables are not set and
     all the settings dialogs don't work. Shouldn't we set these
     variables in startxfce4 then?

  2. startxfce4 doesn't adjust PATH although it would make sense to add
     something like

       PATH="$PATH:$(basename $0)"

     to it so that it finds the rest of Xfce if everything is installed
     to a custom location.

  3. D-Bus doesn't know about the xfconfd binary if it's installed to a
     custom location. Is there a way for users to tell D-Bus where it
     is without the need of root permissions?

I'd be happy to get these things sorted out (if that's possible at all)
because I remember that part of the early popularity of Xfce 4.4 was
due to the installers and those are usually run as normal users.

  - Jannis
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