4.6.1 release process proposal

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Tue Jan 20 10:02:15 CET 2009

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Biju Chacko wrote:
>> That's true, my mistake. However, it does make a bigger difference if 
>> we  want to start releasing binaries -- tarballs, rpm or whatnot.
> I'm not sure that we do want to.  IMO distributing binaries on Linux is 
> a waste unless you're targeting specific versions of specific distros. 
> And for that, you usually need a machine running that version of that 
> distro.  For a large project with lots of infra resources, that might 
> make sense, but not really for us, I don't think.

As I said elsewhere, this only makes sense for trunk. IMO, the lower the 
barrier of entry for running trunk the better. More testing on trunk 
would be better.

Obviously, this would be a secondary or tertiary goal. The main thing is 
to get the infra in place. We've already some identified benefits and 
once we start using it, we'll figure out what else we can do with it.

> That's a nice way of thinking about it, I suppose.  The problem with 
> processes that aren't executed often is that, as the conditions around 
> the process change, you can't be sure the process will always work 
> properly.

You're saying what I'm saying much more clearly than I am. Thanks!

>> A nice build script would be good start.
> Well, I have a build script.  Whether or not it's "nice" can be up for 
> discussion:
> http://mocha.xfce.org/~kelnos/xfce4/xfce4-snapshots.pl.txt
>> And if someone could reset my password on mocha, that would help.
> Well, you actually don't have a shell account, just a https account. 
> Auke, can you promote botsie's https account to ssh?

I'll get started on this as soon as I have access.

-- b

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