Mousepad version

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Feb 26 16:30:08 CET 2009

2009/2/26 Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at>:
> Hey guys,
> I really want to do a maintainance release of mousepad together with
> 4.6. I know Nick wants to do independent releases of it and that's fine
> but right now there's no release we can use and people will miss it in
> the installers and stuff.
> So, I was finished preparing a tarball for mousepad 0.2.14 when
> suddenly someone told me that mousepad 0.2.14 was released along with
> 4.4.3. But ... trunk had version 0.2.13! Why do we have a branch
> xfce_4_4 and trunk and both are kinda refererring to the same
> codebase but with different versions?
> Nick, please clarify and tell me which version to use. Thankies.

I think trunk, there were the last code changes, translations in trunk
seem also more up2date. Version bump to 0.2.16.


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