Xfce 4.6 website update and release notes (tour)

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 15:22:09 CET 2009

2009/2/23 Jérôme Guelfucci <jerome.guelfucci at gmail.com>:
>> Awesome,could you also w3 validate the pages to iron out some browser
>> problems.
> Done, I fixed a bunch of issues, some are still remaining but I don't really
> know how to fix them.
> Anyway, in the future we should update the website to remove tables which
> are missused in a lot of places and improve our CSS. But that's for later.

Well if the page contents uses tables it's not a big deal, as long as
the website layout uses divs (and thus there are no columns with links
in a non-css layout) everything is fine.


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