Xfce and the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam

Harold xfce at sait.nl
Thu Feb 19 23:51:25 CET 2009

On Thu, 19 Feb 2009 16:40:31 -0600, Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at ubuntu.com>
> If you have any particular apps or features that you would like to see
> tested, or 4.6-related bugs in Xfce's bugzilla that you would like to see
> triaged, please let me know.  Thanks very much!

Great idea, Jim!

I've ran into a lot of 'panel auto-hide' quirks in the past, but I can't
confirm the status of those on 4.6rc1, since I'm back to a plain Xubuntu
8.10 install at the moment.

* Drag something to a hidden panel->the panel should open
* DnD a application's button within a auto-hidden panel->the panel should
stay open
* When the Verve plugin has focus, the panel should not close on mouse-out
(not sure about this one)
* The panel should not close on opening the places menu
* When the Xfce menu is changed while open, the menu disappears and the
panel won't close anymore (restart necessary)

I don't know if the issues mentioned above are present in the issue
tracker, or if they have been solved since 4.4...

Have a great time testing Xfce! ;)


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