thank You for Your professional and very fast answer

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at
Sat Dec 26 20:01:29 CET 2009

Dear syr,

    I would like to highly appreciate Yours professional access to my 
pleasment. I AM triing to solve very complex issue, which is very important 
for my job related activity.

    I AM not able to work with DIMDIM

    WEBINAR service, if I Am communicating with other WEB conferencing 
participants. The problem is, that algorithms, which are responsible for 
enabling data transfer between WEBINAR participants are written by using 
complex Javascript code. The algorithms are using very much CPU time, my CPU 
fan is working on it's highest rotations per minute. And, and this is very 
sad for me, there are no enough system resources to enable me to use my 
screen reader to use dimdim functions, such as sending a chat message for 
other participants, to read their answers, ETC.

    I can work with Dimdim WEB pages without troubles until i start A 
communication by using microphone, i do not have a WEB cam yet, but i think, 
that if i plug in this device and if i would want to also use WEB camera, i 
would not be able to use The WEBINAR service at all.

    I tried to solve this issue by using Mandriva One and PCLINUX os ZEN 
mini gnome release, because i AM occurring crashes of one binary components 
in Mandriva One 2010.0 when ever i want to use some Adobe flash player 
functions on a WEB page, such as The function, which is enabling users to 
listen The internet radio stations, which are using ADOBE flash player.
    Do You think, that it could be theoretically possible to use The shock 
wave plugin with XFCE, or this would require complex changes of XFCE source 
code? I Am highly satisfied with XFCE, because The Orca screen reader is 
having very fast responsiveness when i press some key, probably modules of 
XFCE are not allocating so much RAM as a Gnome components, and there are 
more CPU resources to The Orca relating activities.

    Please, would You be so kind and would You try to find out, if it would 
be possible to use The Shockwave flash 10.0 R32 plugin? I did not find this 
plugin in Mozilla Firefox while i tried The Mandriva One XFCE based live CD. 
I know, that it is also possible to download The Skiper release of Mandriva 
One 2010.0 live CD with XFCE environment, but i do not know, if there would 
be possible to use The The Shockwave flash 10.0 R32 plugin. If complex 
modiffication of XFCE would be necessary, please let me know and i will give 
up to use flash objects while working with this desktop environment.

    I will be very glad, that i will be able to use next desktop 
environment, which is so fast and reliable.

Thank You again for Your help. I will store The Mandriva One with XFCE on to 
my USB flash drive to make it better for testing in live CD mode. if i will 
be able to launch The administrative related tasks, which are run by using 
The root user account, i can fortunately do this thank's to ammazing 
approach of Mandriva Linux developers, user is having A full freedom to 
login to The live session as a root user, no restrictions, and this is ideal 
for The visually impaired users.

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