xfwm window focus nuances

Einar Lielmanis einars at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 15:21:44 CET 2009

> > Some reasoning behind that can be found in bugzilla [1]. While that
> > seems to work for the most mouse-focus-followers, sadly this breaks
> > another usage: focusing specific windows by global keyboard
> > shortcuts.
> That patch never makes it to git AFAIK.

Not exactly like mentioned in bugzilla, but in the git at xfwm4, in
src/client.c there are lines in clientActivate function

if (source_is_application || screen_info->params->click_to_focus)
    clientSetFocus (screen_info, c, timestamp, NO_FOCUS_FLAG);

which result in such problems - the focusing is mostly skipped in
mouse-follow mode. I've commented the check out for myself, and this
reverts back to the old behaviour.

It seems to be a side-effect of bunch of changes here:

commit 1e1e5e23095b1ebecaccf235585f0f9adec4b335
Author: Olivier Fourdan <fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr>
Date:   Wed Jul 22 08:16:40 2009 +0000

* src/focus.c: Place windows on top of stack even when not focused in
focus follow mouse. (patch by Clifford Jolly<cliff at cliffjolly.com>)

So maybe it is actually just a bug, not a feature?


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