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Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Fri Aug 14 02:11:14 CEST 2009

Hello everybody,

I know we're not quite there yet infrastructure-wise (Transifex setup
not completed), but I think this might be a good point to talk about our
next release cycle. 

I'd like to ask once again how we feel about the release model
developed on Personally,
I'd love to see us go into that direction and use the 4.8 cycle as a
first test run of this concept. 
It gives us a somewhat disciplined time-based release schedule with less
burden put on the shoulders of all individuals involved.

In case we agree on this, I propose to kick off the release cycle
starting with the planning phase next week or the week after that. The
planning phase involves "electing" a release team, deciding upon
dependencies for the 4.8 release, and discussing features planned for
this cycle. It lasts for 4 weeks. (More information is available in the

As this would be the first time this concept is tested, there will be
issues. I'd therefore like to propose that Stephan and I take over the
roles of the QA Official and Release Manager for this cycle. 
Proposing myself might seem selfish, but it's not. Both of us know the
document very well and have a very clear understanding of the entire
procedure. This is important, as this first cycle will be the one we
all learn from and I hope that in the end, everyone involved will be
share the same knowledge. Issues will have to be discussed together of
And even though I said we have a clear understanding of the process
that doesn't mean we'd slow down anyone of you in your development
efforts. Neither will anyone be pointed at with the finger when he
makes a "mistake". (Just a few words to express that I'm not putting my
name in just for my ego. ;))

Ok, guys, please let me know what you think. If we all agree that we
want to adopt this concept, we can start next week. Note that I'm not
tying this down to the release team positions. That's a different story
even though I felt like I should raise the topic together with the
other proposal because the first cycle would be really important.

(In case we don't agree on the concept, hm ... I don't have a backup
solution to be honest.)

Rock and roll,
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