Git migration: permission control

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Tue Apr 21 23:35:49 CEST 2009

Hey all,

first of all, we did not intend to exclude people from discussing our
future development infrastructure based on git. 

We just had a short chat on IRC about this and this is how we'll
proceed from here: there are a few open questions which we will discuss
on this mailing list, one by one. The results of our discussions will
be written down on It can thus
remain locked as it will only contain decisions, not discussions.

So, I'll start with the first open question: 

How do we handle permission control? Do we need a pre-commit hook?

Git offers no way of controlling fine-grained repository permissions
the way SVN does. Now the question is: do we need them at all? 

The current situation (quite simplified) is:

  - repository admins have access to everything
  - goodies developers have access to the entire goodies repository
  - core developers only have access to some core components of Xfce
  - translators only have access to po/ and directories related to docs

First of all, I think we should change this a bit:

  - core developers have access to everything officially part of Xfce
  - goodie developers have access to their goodies only
  - translator coordinators have access to everything
  - translators have no access (coordinators pull from them)

Additionally, if we choose something like Transifex for managing the
translations, it would become

  - core developers have access to everything officially part of Xfce
  - goodie developers have access to their goodies only
  - Transifex needs access to everything (I guess)

I don't see the need for more personally. How do we achieve this? IMHO
we have two options:

  1) Use a self-baked pre-commit hook script to check permissions
  2) Use something like gitorious 

1) follows the DIY approach we've been rolling for years. It's not
really comfortable though and requires a maintainance work from time to

I suppose that 2) has a lot of advantages in that it already ships all
the tools needed to administrate and configurate the repositories. I
guess it also handles permission control on its own. Since gitorious
also provides an integrated wiki, maybe we could tweak it to merge
repository and project websites into one web based representation?
Brian, I guess you know it better than I do.

Ideas, concerns?

  - Jannis
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