Renaming of Xfce components

David Mohr squisher at
Wed Apr 1 22:39:58 CEST 2009

2009/4/1 Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at>:
> Hey,
> we've been struggling to get our libraries and applications used
> outside Xfce in the past. The limited user base caused by this makes it
> especially difficult for us to attract new contributors.
> In an IRC meeting we had yesterday we've decided to strip "xfce"
> from the names of some of our components and replace it with something
> more generic that doesn't prevent people from using the libraries.

 I think that's a good idea.

> I've made a start last week already by announcing that libxfce4menu
> will be renamed to gdesktopmenu:
> Other renamings we have planned, all of which follow the "gtk", "glib",
> "gio", "gnio" naming style:
>  libxfce4util    => gutil
>  libxfcegui4     => gui

IMHO "gui" for a library name is simply too generic.

>  xfce4-session   => gsession
>  xfconf          => xdgconf (to emphasize that it should become the
>                              config system backed up by
>                              in the near future)

That'd be great news - is that something you guys are talking about
with the freedesktop people?

> I hope you all agree with me that this is once again a big step forward
> for Xfce as a whole. It underlines our urge to play a more important
> role in the cross desktop sector.

Nice :-).


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