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On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 10:39 AM, Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at>wrote:
> > I believe the bounty system to be something nice to use the donations.
> > Anjuta guys are getting some good progress using it (see their symbol
> > browser plugin). After all, the thing we want most is a better
> > Xfce :-) I know some people that could reeeaaaally get "inspired" to
> > contribute if he got some money (even if its only 50 bucks) :-P
> I don't like this.
> IMO it destroys partly the idea of OSS. Not completely as long as the
> resulting code is still under a free licence but I'd always liked the
> idea that people are writing code because they want to, because they
> like to write this code not because someone paid for it.
> This is what most of us have in the professional life.
> In other words, IMO it's most often better to get code written because
> the author needs it or wants it and so he is writing the code with more
> passion than as he would just write the code to get it written.

On the other hand, it makes for a fine view of what features the users would
actually like to have, and be a good motivation to actually work on those,
making Xfce better, attracting more users and perhaps more developers. Plus,
I don't think there will be that many people that will start working on
stuff just for the money (I don't expect the bounties to be that high
anyway) - just look at it as a nice extra for the developers ;-)

Alternatively, you could set up a bounty system where the bounty would not
go to the developer that implements it, but to the Xfce project as a whole.
That way, the motivation would still be to make Xfce better, there are the
advantages mentioned above and brings in some money for Xfce that could be
used for goals mentioned above :).

> Just my 2cents.
> Regards,
> Enrico


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