um ok so? (just questions if ya got the time)

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at
Thu Sep 4 02:07:05 CEST 2008

Hello, Jesse.

First of all a disclaimer: I am not a part of the Xfce development team, and
I can't help you with xfce specific stuff.

But if you want, you can send me your doubts about how to get specific
things done in C, and other C stuff. I can't guarantee you to get it right,
but I'll do my best. I've been programming in C for quite a few years right
now, and, while I am a bit rusty, I think I can still handle pretty much
every multiple-void-pointers-cast-to-struct-of-function-pointers and stuff
like that :)

I may take a little while to respond, but I'll get there eventually, so, if
you need a help, just call.

Alexandre Moreira.

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 4:30 PM, jesse r <chaotic_focus at> wrote:

> libxfce4menu is replacing the right click menu? in 4.6 ...... I'm determined to help ...
> even if it's something like making code more readable ... the more i see the better i'll get ... but i'd like to
> be helping in some way if i can be at this point. i'm capable of the basic stuff simple things,
> thats not to say thou that i can't work with complex things it just takes me a bit as of right now
> i'm going thru 2 books ..(lets see starting on pointers ... probally be done them today)
> I'd assume there is a 4.6 svn ? and
> is there a function prototype list anywhere on the net for the xfce libs. ?
> thanx,
> Jesse R.
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