Projects in xfce repos, ehm...

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Fri Nov 21 00:33:01 CET 2008

Christian Dywan wrote:

> I also think currently the definition of what 'Core' actually is, seems
> to be a little unclear, especially seeing how mixed the replies in this
> thread are I see that confirmed.
> Maybe there should actually be three categories, let me attempt to give
> a deliberate definition.
> Core: Components one needs in order to run a system in a useful way.
> That includes roughly panels, window manager, whatever xfdesktop is,
> the various settings applications, power management.
> ^^ All of those should be stable. For instance, if the powermanager
> isn't stable, I'd rather not see it there until it is.


> Apps: Applications that are useful, that really many Xfce users would
> use, but that are essentially replaceable. Such as terminal, file
> manager, editor, archiver, image viewer, media player.
> ^^ Thunar is a special one: it cannot practically be independant from
> Core, but semantically for me it should be.
> Goodies: All the rest kind of, things that are useful but not regularly
> maintained, somewhat specialized, unstable.

Not a bad distinction I suppose.  How would you suggest the 'Apps' 
category would be handled differently from 'Goodies'?

(Agree on Thunar -- xfdesktop becomes a bit less featureful if you don't 
have thunar-vfs installed.  Presumably 4.8 won't have such a hard 
dependency as I plan to port xfdesktop to gio/gvfs.)


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