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Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sun Nov 16 21:28:57 CET 2008


there hasn't been too much feedback from core developers in this
thread. So I'll ask more directly this time: Do we want to request a
developer room? 

In order for this to make sense I think there should be at least five
core developers and several contributors or goodie developers on the
spot. Perhaps we could join efforts with packagers from some
distributions  (Yves-Alexis? Xubuntu folks? What about our BSD people?)
which could also use the developer room (the FOSDEM page clearly says
that there is a "preference for joint devroom requests from projects
with similar goals/domains").

I've created a wiki page for it on

If you're planning to attend, please enter your name there. If you're
unsure please make that visible. For a developer room request I need 
reliable information ;)

Again, the deadline for requests is 2008-11-22. If have enough replies
by Tuesday, I'll prepare such a request. Deadline for the actual
talk/session schedule is in January and we would receive more
information once the request is approved.

  - Jannis
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