suspend/hibernate support in xfce4-session

Ali Abdallah aliov at
Sun Nov 2 00:50:46 CET 2008

jp.guillemin wrote:
> Ali Abdallah wrote:
>> jp.guillemin wrote:
>>> looking into the code, I found that the mod uses HAL to suspend (this 
>>> idea seams strange, it would be simpler to provide a configuration 
>>> file to specify the scripts location) .
>>> So the question is : how do I tell to HAL to use a suspend script ? 
>>> (using default scripts provided by hal, or whatever, will usually 
>>> fail, and I have written suspend scripts that work in 98% of the cases 
>>> including laptops, so I must use them).
>>> I want to test, but without any information about this feature, it's 
>>> not easy.
>>> Thanks
>>> JP
>> You can always add the call to your script, usually in 
>> /usr/lib/hal/scripts/YourOS/hal-system-..., i use uswsusp to do 
>> suspend/hibernate and i had to edit the too HAL scripts, be careful 
>> about the exit code, HAL uses this to identify errors.
>> Regards,
>> Ali.
> OK, it works, but there's a problem : the xfce-mixer.
> With many sound cards all applications using the sound device must be 
> closed before suspending, else the driver is broken on resume.
> My xfce hibernate script does something like  :
> /usr/bin/xfce4-panel --exit
>  ** call suspend script **
> /usr/bin/xfce4-panel &
> It usually work very well out of the session logout dialog, but not in 
> the current case.
> JP
Yes because those calls are with uid=0 (root), and you have the panel 
open for the current user. you could try the user space software 
suspend, it's really great.


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