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Josh Saddler nightmorph at
Tue Mar 18 06:20:29 CET 2008

Moritz Heiber wrote:
> I'm really puzzled as to why this happened AGAIN. Right now, when I
> look at the accepted mentoring bodies, I really wonder what sets them
> apart from our project by that much to reject us again. Sigh.

Maybe Google runs nothin' but KDE in-house? :)

> Brian, thank you very much for all your time and effort you put into
> this. I know about your tight schedule and that is why its really much
> appreciated.

Agreed; thanks for the time and effort you put into getting Xfce ready 
for it.

For what it's worth, I'm interested in helping out with both the docs 
(there's an open bug on 'em somewhere) and getting xfburn "modernized" . 
. . I just have to learn gtk+ first. :)

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