call for advertising: google summer of code 2008

Ori Bernstein ori at
Thu Mar 6 04:02:05 CET 2008

On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 16:15:49 -0500, Jeremy Heiler <jeremyheiler at> said:

> Hey Brian,
> I am a student and I may be interested in participating in the Google 
> Summer of Code with you guys (and gals). I've been an active reader of 
> this mailing list for a few months (this is my first message) and would 
> love to learn more about Xfce. (I use it on a daily basis.)

Awesome, it'd be great to hear your proposals, and have you apply.

> My only concern is that my background is largely in Java and I've done 
> absolutely no work in C or C++. Would that be an issue?

It's definitely a handicap, but don't let it stop you from applying.
It's not too hard to pick up C if you know Java -- the syntax and
concepts are quite similar; the major issue would be understanding
pointers in C, I think.

> Either way I would have plenty of time to crack open a book and figure
> out the differences on my own.

Indeed. I'd expect you shouldn't have too much trouble learning C. I
suggest you look up the book "The C Programming Language", by Kernighan
and Richie. It assumes you have at least basic programming knowledge,
but I find that it covers all the required concepts clearly and

Good luck, and feel free to pop on to IRC if you want to discuss
proposals (or even just ask random questions)

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