Thunar / libexo: detailed view

Ori Bernstein ori at
Sun Mar 2 19:54:09 CET 2008

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008 13:47:15 +0100, "Peter de Ridder" <peter at> said:

You forgot one idea =)

> Different ideas:
> 1. Specify a column as drag column, the other columns are used for rubber
> band
> 2. The part of a column that has the actual text rendered  is the drag part
>    of the row the empty parts is for rubber banding
> 3. Combination of both 1 and 2, only the rendered part of the drag column is
>    for dragging
> 4. Leave it as it is and don't bother ;)
5. Remove rubber band selection entirely, and use shift-click and
   ctrl-click like any other tree view

> Pros / Cons:
> 1. If only one column is shown or all columns which are shown are used for
>    dragging, we need to fall back to the current behavior or rubber banding
>    isn't possible, this gives inconsistency.
> 2. With text of different lengths and not filling the column it is easy to
>    click at the wrong location.
> 3. Combination of 1 and 2.
> 4. Lack of improvement.
5. Pro: - Consistent with other tree views
        - Easy to implement
        - Simple, predictable behavior
   Con: - No easy mouse-only way to select multiple files

Personally, I lean towards either 4 or 5 myself.

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