Thunar / libexo: detailed view

Peter de Ridder peter at
Sun Mar 2 13:47:15 CET 2008


I'm thinking to create patch for thunar/libexo detailed view, concerning the
rubber band selection and drag-n-drop.
As you might know it the detailed view inconsistent with the other views in
This is because the detailed/tree view doesn't have a background (between
items, it does at the far bottom).
With the patch i want to create such a background space on the item rows, so
you can start rubber band selection there and drag-n-drop on the other parts
of the row.

I have thought of some ways to do it, but i would like discuss it, as, with
gui no solution is a perfect solution.

Different ideas:
1. Specify a column as drag column, the other columns are used for rubber
2. The part of a column that has the actual text rendered  is the drag part
of the row the empty parts is for rubber banding
3. Combination of both 1 and 2, only the rendered part of the drag column is
for dragging
4. Leave it as it is and don't bother ;)

Pros / Cons:
1. If only one column is shown or all columns which are shown are used for
dragging, we need to fall back to the current behavior or rubber banding
isn't possible, this gives inconsistency.
2. With text of different lengths and not filling the column it is easy to
click at the wrong location.
3. Combination of 1 and 2.
4. Lack of improvement.

- There doesn't have to be a choice made between 1 and 2 (the combi will
make 3) since this could be mode fields.
- This problem doesn't only count for rubber banding and drag and drop, it
also counts for context menu of the parent folder. Should this have the same
- If a row is selected should the complete row become drag-n-drop, or just
as specified by 1, 2 or 3 so rubber banding can be start on a selected row.

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