[Xfce-advocacy] a question about including XFCE in the ig desktop meeting of 2009

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> Subject: [Xfce-advocacy] a question about including XFCE in the ig
> desktop meeting of 2009
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> Hi all,
> as you might know, it is planned to celebrate both GUADEC and Akademy together
> in 2009. I'm part of the Gran Canaria Desktop Meeting candidature to  host
> both events.
> I want to know if you have made any movement to add XFCE to that event or, at
> least, have presence on it. If we finally host it, I would like to open
> conversations with both, GNOME and KDE to have XFCE somehow there.

You know, I'd love to go, but the trip for me would be just under a
thousand dollars for the flight, assuming I was able to book a year in

I'm sure that's true for many of us - we'd love to go, but without
corporate sponsers the price might be excessive. If you're trying to
get one of us to commit to make your candidacy more appealing, perhaps
you could be more concrete about the dates at least?

> saludos
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