How can a new guy get into dev?

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Sorry if i'm not conform to the mailinglist posting(first time trying to post away from home), but for a little while now i'm working on a project from school. This project also involves working with thunar( a plugin like was suggested). 

But when i try to ask something to the mailinglist and i am very clear, if i tell what i am doing and tell everything i've tried. I get response. .... But then i'm not that familiar with a developers community 


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Logan wrote:
> Hello all
> I am a 2nd year cs major, I am interested in linux development and i am 
> wondering what the best way to get my foot in the door so to speak. I 
> have knowledge of java, a little C and C# and good knowledge of python. 
> but my experience seems to be in the educational side of the language, 
> like how to make arrays and exercises like data structures. I would like 
> to develop for xfce. can anyone offer tips, development environments, 
> languages to learn, even  how to get started. i get the dev mailing list 
> in digest mode.

Xfce is written in C.  We use the GTK UI toolkit, which is based on 
GObject, which is an object-oriented system for C.  You'll want to read 
up on both of these (check out for docs).

As for getting started, you really have 2 main options:

1.  Figure out what you think is missing or what Xfce could use, and 
implement it.  If you have a concrete idea in mind that touches existing 
code, this is the place to ask about how things work.

2.  Look through our bug tracker and try to find something interesting 
(whether it's a bug or feature request) and work on it.


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