xfcerc vs gkeyfile

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Mon Jan 14 07:21:50 CET 2008

On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 11:13:28PM +0100, Stephan Arts wrote:
> Hi,

Hey Stephan

> When looking at xfcerc, it seems remarkably similar to the g_key_file
> stuff in glib.
> I was wondering if we could deprecate xfcerc for 4.6 and move to g_key_file.

I like the fact that you can pass a default value in the XfceRc functions.

gchar*              g_key_file_get_string               (GKeyFile *key_file,
                                                         const gchar *group_name,
                                                         const gchar *key,
                                                         GError **error);

const gchar*        xfce_rc_read_entry                  (const XfceRc *rc,
                                                         const gchar *key,
                                                         const gchar *fallback);

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> Stephan

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